Subliminal ways Main Stream Media is telling you what to think

I’m using the Iraq war as an example here – but it could really be anything.

Look at this photo (screen capture from MSNBC.COM today):image

 Do you think there is any media message being manufactured here?  Or do you just think they randomly selected this particular photo of Bush?

Do you think it just happens that the teaser is “8 of 18 benchmarks not met” or do you think the perception of the post might have been MUCH more positive had it looked more like this (manufactured by me today):

Mixed Report Card
Bush sees ’cause for optimism’  in Iraq – 10 of 18 benchmarks have already been met.
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Again, I am not making a political statement – just asking the question of media fairness.  BOTH of these are accurate.  One of them is very negative, and one is quite positive.

Do you let the media think for you, or are you thinking for yourself?