Super Bowl slackers cost $820M a week

This is really a ridiculous story – like no work time is lost to the Victoria’s Secret launches, the Oscars, or even a really funny episode of 3 1/2 Men.  We’re human.  We’re social.  This is just a cost of doing business with humans.  That’s all. 

As a boss, I embraced this behavior – this idle chatter, the team building. What’s wrong with that?  It makes work more interesting and our co-workers more fun.

And a boss that understands it more human. 

A day after the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts earned spots in the Feb. 4 game, a consulting firm estimated that lost wages could exceed $16 million a minute as millions of Americans chat about the game, plan parties, organize betting pools or research big-screen TVs. That’s more than $820 million from the week before the game alone.

Source: Super Bowl slackers cost $820M a week – Business of Super Bowl –