Surge Protectors, "Just in Time" and "Damn the XBOX 360 sucks some power!"

I bought a surge protector for my home entertainment system today.  I meant to do it two weeks ago, but I’ve been very busy.

Anyway, I bought this unit – picture here: HT7300PC  

It is really pretty amazing (it has its own remote control, and is programmable), but this post isn’t about the specs, or even about this surge protector. I just happened to buy it this morning, and hook it up to my big-screen 57 inch Mitsubishi DLP TV, DVD player, XBOX 360, secondary 36 inch Sony CRT, Cisco 350 Wireless LAN Access Point, and a huge Sony Surround Sound Amplifier.

Two hours later a thunderstorm hit and lightening strikes were rampant.  One  hit close enough to knock out power to my house AND set off my car alarm.  My car was in the garage!  I feel pretty lucky I got the system hooked up when I did.  Unlike the last big storm, I didn’t lose any electronics this time.  I bought the surge protector just in time, I think.

But I’ve noticed something even more interesting – if I turn on ALL of the electronics above (except the XBOX 360) I am drawing about 3.8 amps of current (this Tripplite shows both voltage and current in super-bright (too bright) LEDS on the front panel).

If I turn on the XBOX 360 I am using 5.6 amps.  That’s an amazing amount of current increase compared to the TOTAL current being used by all of the rest of my living room components!  This XBOX 360 is a current hog!

I’m going to play with comparing current draw on the Wii, and the Playstation (and maybe even the original XBOX).  It will be interesting to see what other systems draw.  I am certain that the PS2 and the Wii will be less – and I imagine the PS3 would be fairly close (but I don’t have one, so I can’t test it).