SUX to be this Iowa airport

If you can’t beat ’em, embrace ’em.

I can’t believe they just didn’t take one of the alternative designations that the FAA offered them – like GAY.  But I guess if you are gonna be SUX you might as well make the most of it.  FLY SUX seems like a pretty lame ad campaign.  If they would have chosen GAY they could have done a "GO GAY" campaign, I suppose šŸ™‚

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – City leaders have scrapped plans to do away with the Sioux Gateway Airports unflattering three-letter identifier SUX and instead have made it the centerpiece of the airports new marketing campaign. The code, used by pilots and airports worldwide and printed on tickets and luggage tags, will be used on T-shirts and caps sporting the airports new slogan, FLY SUX. It also forms the address of the airports redesigned Web site

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