MOSSO – first take

mosso_logo I opened an account on MOSSO today. It was VERY easy. Name, address, email, password, credit card number.

Bam! Everything just happens. I didn’t have to pick out a server configuration, a data plan, a firewall, anti-virus – none of that crap that is just a pain in the ass to keep up with.

In fact – I didn’t even have to decide if I wanted to run Windows or Linux — because I can make that decision for each domain I add. I am NOT bullshitting you! I “bought” one server. I created two domains. One runs LAMP and the other runs Windows Server. Really!

I can create another domain and run Ruby on Rails. I can run a domain on Windows with MySQL or MSSQL. I can run Linux with Ruby on Rails, or Linux with PHP/MySQL, etc. One box. One price. One login. One thing to manage. Very sweet!

All on the same “cloud” in the sky. All without worrying about updating anything, managing firewall ports, updating Anti-virus, etc.

Truly amazing technology! This is cloud computing without all of the pitfalls you get with other cloud computing platforms (you have to be a programmer, lightning can strike you at this altitude on some platforms, and the air gets thin up in the clouds).

But MOSSO protects you from ALL OF THAT. Really.

So far, so good. I still have some stuff to learn – and there are two things I don’t like – they aren’t big things, but sometimes it is the little things that bother me.

  • First, I can’t pick the day of the month my credit card gets billed. I wish I could.
  • Second, it costs $10.00 to transfer an existing domain. Sure, that gives you an extra year on your domain, but I think the first domain transfer should be free – as an incentive for me to move to MOSSO.

Like I said – these aren’t big issues, but they are areas I think MOSSO could improve on.

I won’t really put anything live on the new server until WordPress 2.5 comes out next week. No reason to do an install just to upgrade.

But the back end of this system must be VERY freaking cool. I must talk to them more about it!

And I’ll let the rest of you know more about MOSSO as I learn more.

So far I am more than impressed. I almost cannot believe they are doing what they are doing. It seems illogical!

And what would you expect to pay for this kind of power and flexibility? $1000/month? $500/month? No! It is only $100 a month to run a wide variety of sites on one platform that grows and expands dynamically – as you need it.

Really. Fucking. Amazing.