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Chris Kieff tagged me for a new meme going around called “4×4”. You can read more about it below the fold. Basically I need to choose four of these questions, answer them, then tag four more people.  So without further adieu:

Four Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Neonatal Respiratory Therapist – for a number of years I worked in a Neonatal Intensive care unit running ventilators for premature infants.  In that job  bad day could kill a patient.  That’s why I am much more laid back about things now.  On a very bad day today the chances are I will not kill anyone, and that none of my clients are going to die.
  2. Printing Equipment Repair – for a few years I was co-owner of a company that repaired large printing presses, large-scale cameras, copy machines, etc.  It was my first adventure as a business owner.
  3. Radio Shack Manager – I managed Radio Shacks in Novato, CA, downtown Oakland, CA, and multiple locations in San Antonio, TX.  I actually loved the work.  I loved running the business and trying to beat not only my previous sales records, but everyone in the district.  I was in my very early twenties and I learned a great deal about people (and business).
  4. Senior Manager, Customer Support and Software Quality Assurance – for a number of years I managed both the customer support and QA process for a WiFi company.  I had employees and customers all over the world.  I directly supported customers like Dell, and TiVo, Microsoft and HP.  It was extremely educational.

Four Places I Have Lived

  1. Pensacola, FL
  2. Honolulu, Hawaii
  3. Novato, CA
  4. San Diego, CA

And a whole bunch more!

Four Places I Have Been

  1. Hong Kong
  2. China
  3. Lebanon
  4. Australia

Four All Time Favorite Musicians

  1. Harry Chapin – I love a good story.
  2. Boston – Reminds me of a very fun time in my life!
  3. The Beatles (both #1 and #2 reasons above apply)
  4. Norah Jones – great stories, wonderful voice, and pleasing to the eyes.

Finally, Four People I Think Will Reply

  1. Kami Huyse 
  2. Jon Barnhardt
  3. Paul Claessen
  4. Maryam Scoble

So now you know a bit more about me 🙂

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