My early experience with the iPad

Since I am reviewing the iPad I am also writing his post on the iPad.

I wl not correct any typos
Or odd formatting errors (like the random carriage return above)

As you canp seethe onscreen keyboard is a challenge
Pbut the devce is amazing.

OK – the above was written using the iPad o-screen keyboard – which either I need to get used to, or it sucks. I thought the iPhone keyboard sucked at first but learned to use it, and expect the same is true of this. Right now I am typing with the (optional) bluetooth keyboard – which I have had for two years so I am used to it.

So what is bad about the iPad?

1) It does not multi-task – so for me it can NEVER replace a notebook unless it adds that capability. I am a multi-tasking fool and need Twitter, numerous IM clients and email and Browser open always.
2) I can’t program it with NewtonScript (yeah – leave me alone – I liked NewtonScript!)
3) I couldn’t afford more than one of them.
4) The docking port is in the wrong place. I would have put it so that when docked I was in wide-screen (so I could watch movies, etc)
5) It is WAY too slippery. I would have preferred a rubberized coating that gave me some grip – you almost HAVE to have a case for this thing – which makes it feel much larger that it really is.

What is great about the iPad? Almost everything else. From reading books, to streaming wide-screen Netflix movies, reading news sites – it is amazingly easy to use. It is amazing easy for even me to spend even more time online (and trust me – that is saying something).

It is so natural to pick it up and read on it – especially for anyone who grew up with books. This feels like a good-sized novel. About 1.5 pounds. But it carries thousands of books.

The battery life is amazing. Apple (kudos to them!) sold me a unit that was 96% charged – so after 10 minutes on the charger I had a full charge. After two hours completely undocked and watching video, reading blogs, etc I still am at 93% power.

Apps built for this device look amazing – and apps that weren’t built for it kinda suck – but I still prefer them on this device than on my iPhone – partially because I can actually SEE this screen 🙂

I’m sure I’ll have more later, but for now this will have to do. TIme to go watch some Netflix on my iPad!