Sea World: Scoble, Shel, Rocky and Kami work. I watch.

I spent yesterday morning with Kami Huyse, Shel Israel, Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica at Sea World, San Antonio.

They were all working – filming an episode for FastCompany.TV – I was just trying to stay out of the way.

Before the actual interviews started Robert broadcast live on QIK from his cell phone:


Below are some still shots. My second Sony DSC-F717 still doesn’t record video correctly – so I am going to have to buy a new digital camcorder. Ugh.

Click any picture for a larger view.

Here Robert and Rocky set up the shot. The two HD cameras are very nice – they even sync the audio from the remote microphone to each camera. Very cool. Robert and Rocky setting up the shot
Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 060 Kami and Shel (and two Sea World employees, Fran and Bob) have just finished the ride. They are all wearing ponchos because this particular roller coaster ends up crashing into a lake – and it was cold outside!
Shel and Robert, framing the shot, checking the sound. Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 009
Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 034 Shel interviews Kami.
Shel solo – just behind him is the landing zone for the coaster (boat). I saw some of the video Robert and Rocky shot – you’ll be able to get a very good feel for this ride once Shel posts this episode. Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 067
Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 047 Preparing to launch.
One last shot of Shel. Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 024