Taking the good with the bad

I had a very mixed day today.  I met Shel Israel, who is a really, really nice guy.  But while waiting to meet Shel I got word that a very dear friend of mine had passed away.

It was hard to not think of Brenda while meeting with Shel.  Brenda was like a second mother to me, and since my own mother passed away while my children were young, Brenda was like a grandmother to them.

I’ll be heading out in the next few days to help my friend deal with the loss of his mother, and I’ll deal with the loss of my great friend.

I’m just glad I called her last week, and we had one more chance to talk, and to say, "I love you".

I’m glad we were able to spend some time with her this past July.  I’m glad I saw her laugh.  I’m glad I talked to her late into the night.  I’m thankful she accepted me into her family as if I was one of her own.

Mostly I am glad she loved me, and allowed me to love her back.  She was a wonderful person that would have done anything for me.  And I would have done anything for her.  And we asked nothing of each other except friendship.

And I know I will miss her.

I already am.


  1. @Sisir – thanks. Really.

  2. “I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge — myth is more potent than history — dreams are more powerful than facts — hope always triumphs over experience — laughter is the cure for grief — love is stronger than death.” – Robert Fulghum.

    My deep condolences to you, Rob.