Tax Big Macs

In January the cigarette tax increases $1.00 a pack here in Texas.  Why?  Because lawmakers say they cause an undo burden on the State because of the increased health risks.

OK, fine.  I agree with that.  So do Big Macs.  Tax them as well.  And so does sugar.  And Egg Nog.  Tax it all.  Tax it fairly, and evenly. People who are overweight tend to have more health problems.  Tax them higher.  People that work in a convenience store have a greater chance of getting hurt than someone that works in a law office.  Tax them more.

I am opposed to “sin taxes” because everyone has a different definition of “sin”.  And they aren’t fair taxes.  If I am paying more taxes than my neighbor than I should get a bigger voice in our government – otherwise it is taxation without fair representation.  And wars are fought over that kind of thing.

Ahhh – it’s good to be posting generic rants again 🙂



  1. Jim Beam Black, in Egg Nog – no way! Regular Jim Beam in the Eggnog – you drink the Black straight up!


  2. Awww, quit yer whinin’! Cigarettes are just nail coffins. You know it and so does everyone else. Call it a sin tax if you want but they are designed to be addictive unlike Big Macs, sugar and Egg Nog. Wait, is there Jim Beam Black in that there Egg Nog…?!? THAT is addictive right there…