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I like the Tcritic blog.  Odd T-Shirts.  What could be more fun?

Today the shirt was this one:   

It shows soldiers with a bazooka killing butterflies.  I think it’s an extremely strong image.

It reminds me of one I drew in 1968, when I was only 7.  I copied it off a poster I saw in Time or Life magazine.  My teachers were not impressed when I shared it at school.

The picture I made the copy of almost 40 years ago is below.  Look at it, and compare it with the one here on top.  A child’s scrawl that helped change a countries perspective, and belief in a foreign war.  A simple drawing that became a symbol of the Anti War movement during the Vietnam war.

And now we have this modern image, that isn’t even described as Anti War (that I can find). 


Both of these images are powerful – in different ways. But both pretty much state the same message, I think.  Amazing that they can be so different, yet so the same.







bazooka is a really great design by a graphic artist named Theresa who runs It’s actually another design that reminds me of Flowers In The Attic from threadless, which is one of my favorite designs ever. The juxtaposition of beautiful things like butterflies being discharged from the business end of a soldiers weapon seems to be universally recognized symbol.

Source: Tcritic – The Daily T-Shirt Blog