TechCrunch/QIK Spamming Twitter

imageThese idiotic messages spamming Twitter can’t be making it any easier for Twitter to keep the service up for the actual humans who are trying to use it.

NINE TechCrunch posts in 3 hours telling me the exact same thing.  If this isn’t spam, it is at least annoying.

Come on, TechCrunch, shut off these auto-notifications.  They are just annoying, and they almost certainly make me NOT want to see what you are spooling.

There is a way for you to set the message manually every time – so maybe it Tweets, “I am spooling live video at a Google Event” – that might at least be interesting.

And yes, I pick on TechCrunch, but WAY too many people do this.  TechCrunch should know better though.

QIK should change the default to NOT sent Twitter Spam unless the user specifically chooses to (and sets a real freaking TOPIC!).