Technology Review: Surprising Search Patterns

I wonder if even this data can stem the 50% year on year growth that some people claim Internet advertising is experiencing?  I doubt it.  I’m not sure I trust the 50% growth number – but whatever the number is, I don’t think this research will affect the growth rate. 

People are getting smarter at search, according to the research.  And search engines are getting smarter as well.  I guess that means that the odds those targeted ads hit a bullseye probably are increasing dramatically as well.

So perhaps the advertising growth is real because people now realize that they are getting very pertinent hits on their ad placements.

No, Search isn’t boring yet – not by far!

Conventional wisdom says that search engines are a fundamentally unfair technology — favoring the most popular sites and helping them to become even more popular. This assumption, captured in the term “Googlearchy,” is now being challenged by researchers at Indiana University who have used real-life data to test it. Their results show that Web-surfing behavior isn’t as influenced by search-engine rankings as was previously thought.

Source: Technology Review: Surprising Search Patterns