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I applied for TechStars – one of the 300+.  I was not selected (and I wasn’t surprised – I had an early-stage idea, no development effort to speak of yet, and I presented a pretty poorly formed application.)

I love the idea behind this though – and maybe I’ll apply again next year.  At the very least I’ll be happy to see what comes out of this – talking to bright people with ambitious ideas and aligning them with a support system that has, “been there, done that”, is an amazing opportunity for these new ventures.

I would love to see San Antonio offer something like this.

Here’s a PodTech interview that Brad Feld and I recently did. We talk a bit about the quality of the applications that we received, how it all started, the motivations behind TechStars, and more. It’s another fantastic way to waste 9 minutes of your life before you get back to working on your startup (or whatever).

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