Ten Reasons To Buy Microsoft Vista

Update: Someone asked if these were my suggestions for buying Vista, and I said they were. They then told me I should make that clear – I am. The reasons below are my suggestions why you should buy Vista. – Rob

1. Security. Vista is much more robust when it comes to protecting you from malicious software, phishing attempts, etc. The Parental Controls give you additional security for your children’s accounts

2. Find stuff faster. The Vista Desktop Search is much improved over XP. The robust tagging allowed by the file system should make it much easier to sort and find your files. Finding emails in Outlook is dramatically faster (and if you are using Office 2007 it’s almost instant).

3. The Media Center is much more robust and plays extremely well with the XBOX360. It’s great for watching podcasts and web videos on the big screen, in the comfort of your own recliner,

4. It’s faster than XP. OK – I haven’t actually done any formal testing of this, but everyone who has come over and “played with” one of my Vista machines has commented that it “feels much faster” than XP. I agree with them.

5. Aesthetics – yes, Vista is pretty – especially with the Aero interface. It’s also easier to get some things done because of changes in the user interface (although I will admit, a couple things – like changing screen resolution – are now one-click more difficult.

6. Remote Assistance – wether you occasionally need help with your PC, or if you are the one helping others – the Remote Assistance features in Vista are much improved – especially if you are dealing with a home network with NAT. The Remote Desktop has gotten more secure as well (and appears to be more robust).

7. Improved Networking – if you have a home network Vista improves the experience – especially from one Vista PC to another. But I’ve even found improvements in networking with both Macintosh and Linux workstations – the network appears to be more “discoverable” from within your own subnet.

8. Voice recognition – yeah, I know – you make think, “So what?” – you could do this for years with third party software. And you are correct. But nothing causes adoption like including it for free, and the Vista Voice Recognition works extremely well for everything to dictating a Word document or email to navigating among applications. Try it – you’ll like it!

9. The added tools are nice – like the Snipping Tool, the Windows DVD Maker, Application Switcher, Windows Sidebar, etc. Again, there are existing tools to do these things on Windows XP, but building them into the OS makes them more available.

10. Windows Mobility Center – this feature makes a lot of things easier on a laptop, or tablet PC – from managing power to screen rotation and presenting via a projector, it’s all here, and it’s drop-dead easy to use.


  1. I installed windows vista… It didn’t look all that nice (IMHO) but once I ran it I realised, that it took half an house just to open ‘My Computer’ in fact it was considerably slower than my (5 or 6 year old) AMD .8Ghz machine running 95. It was so slow it couldn’t even run videos!, Let alone the hell I had trying to install programs because it took so long. I will NEVER install vista again, instead I have gone back to Linux.

    My Old Computer
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    256Mb ATi Radeon 9700LE
    512mb of RAM

    You should install windows Vista if you want your brand new Quad or Dual core computer with a couple gigs of RAM and high spec graphics card to run as fast as your current computer. Well you might be lucky and windows vista will run slower than your old PC.

    It is like designing Windows Vista they designed it for the highest spec computer they could make and thought; We need it to look pretty but as we have such a powerful PC we don’t need to bother how well we program it, so if we loose 10% performance here and 10% performance over there it doesn’t really matter.

    At least with Linux they are careful about what code they put in. I suggest you get a FREE version of Linux rather than get Windows.

  2. Rob,

    Yes – I am perplexed as anyone on this problem, especially since I was one of the “control users” – having been given a Dell PC my MSFT (along with dozens of others). So conceivably, they have the EXACT same config in some bunker @ Redmond?

    In any case, I bugged it, reloaded the OS, and ranted and raved in the newsgroups to get them to pay attention.. there were a few others with similar problems.. but apparently not EVERYONE w/ the same box reported the same problem.. hence the “unverifiable – closed” status on my bug 🙁

    ah well – time to decide whether to continue on this MPC journey – or throw in the towel and just buy a damn Tivo like my friends are suggesting!!

    and yes – I *am* that same Brent M in CA… Heidi says she forgives you for calling her a dog..

  3. Brent – I wonder what’s causing your instability? My Vista RTM (build 6000) Media Center PC (with NVIDIA) has gone over 40 days without a reboot. I often watch video over my XBOX360 via my Vista PC – no real issues (except I think file transfers from Vista to XP still take too long).

    Oh – and are you the Brent M. I know in California who takes pictures of his dog?


  4. As a beta tester for Vista (Media Center) – I can say that for over 12 months, the product has been SIGNIFICANTLY under par for each and every release milestone. By that, I mean the quality was virtually in the “un-useable” category for the first 6 months. Once Beta, Beta2, and RC1 came out, it was clear that they still failed to reach stability – even though features were being dropped to maintain schedule.

    At this point, I have had RTM version running for over 2 months, as my primary Media Center box. It requires rebooting almost daily, and if left to hibernate or go into screen saver mode, the video (ATI) begins to flicker, with stacatto audio.

    All in all, from a media center perspective, there is little to be gained, and MUCH more to lose (in terms of stability) – from switching to Vista.

    My $.02



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