Teri Hatcher DOES care for me!


I got the funniest Spam email tonight. The sender address was teri_hatcher@XXXXX.com – I blocked the domain because it is a real business Trademark that doesn’t get their mail at that domain. And it adds no value to include it.

But the email referenced this post.

It starts out,


I saw your post. I assuredy your that me is really this Teri. I so much would like meeting you because I can tell you are kind of man, and would be very nice to me and care for me for who am I and not who are you think I am.

But to prove you are same Rob from your blog, you must enter info here on this site as I use it to know who you really are {redacted – phishing site].

Damn. It wasn’t really Teri Hatcher. Just someone trying to get me to sponsor a Russian bride, I think. I didn’t get beyond the first page of the site.

And you know what – if it WAS the real Teri Hatcher and she sent the above email, I would suddenly lose all desire to meet her.

This is an interesting new way of spamming – personalized spam based on blog posts. But it was VERY poorly executed.

PS: Teri, if you are reading, and interested, give me a call!