Texas mayor dogged by puppy theft charges

34400418My brother sent me this story – he lives in Alice, TX.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Alice (I spent a week there one day!).  It is a small and fairly impoverished town in the middle of nowhere.  My parents lived near there for years.

Not much happens in Alice, TX that makes the national news. But when the Mayor claims the dog she was sitting died, yet really steals it and later claims she is just protecting it, then things tend to get a wider view.

You have to love small town politics, and small town mayors.  Give someone just a bit of power and they suddenly think they can lie, and steal, and cheat.

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ALICE, TEXAS — Politicians have been known to pull some doggone dirty tricks, but can it get more low-down than puppy theft?

That’s the question people in this Texas brush country town are asking now that their mayor has admitted — without a smidgen of remorse — that for months she’s been harboring Puddles, her neighbors’ cuddly Shih Tzu.

First owners First owners click to enlarge At first, Mayor Grace Saenz-Lopez lied to the family, telling its members that the dog had died while they were vacationing. Now she’s refusing to return the pooch, which she calls Panchito.

She argues that the dog’s owners have forsaken the right to keep such a tender animal because they failed to shower him with loving care when he was ill and needed them most. That’s triggered a bizarre custody battle that has both sides howling for sympathy.

“I’ll tell you what: Let’s drop that dog in the middle of the courtroom and see who it goes to first,” the mayor’s attorney, Homero Canales, barked in a fit of bravado. “You want a dog? Take care of it. These people were more interested in going on vacation than caring for a dog that looked like it was about to die.”

The Puddles-Panchito feud started last summer, when Rudy Gutierrez and Shelly Cavazos asked Saenz-Lopez to dog-sit their sickly black-and-white pup while they took their four children to an amusement park. Puddles had gotten trapped under their home weeks earlier, and by the time he emerged, he had been ravaged by fleas. He was deathly ill when the family decided to go away, Gutierrez and Cavazos admit.

After one day, the mayor called them with terrible news: Puddles was dead.


Texas mayor dogged by puppy theft charges – Los Angeles Times


  1. As was expected most. Although there are a few who still believe the (ex)mayor was in the right. Now maybe we can keep Alice out of the national headlines for stupid stuff.

  2. Hey don’t lump the rest of us in with that dumb lady. Most everybody else in Alice are decent hard working people. And I am pretty sure that you got your own “crazy people” where you’re from. Hell, for all I know you may be the crazy person where you’re from. And just so you all know she has stepped down from the office of mayor, and she and her sister have been indicted on criminal charges. So there!!

  3. I Think The people in alice tx are crazy even the mayors sister that lives in ben bolt,tx she needs to go to jail and stay there and hire a new mayor that doesnt live in alice if someone wants to work in alice cause its a crazy town

  4. You have to remember about living in a small town Rob….everyone knows everyone…and here in Alice…seems like everyone is related in one way or another.

    But YES…speaking my mind finally, I’ve been trying to find any of the people with the recall petitions. There are two signatures in this house.

  5. @Rick – unreal! I can’t believe this psycho biatch isn’t in jail (not to mention the fact that she is still the Mayor!).

    The sister should go to jail as well – interfering with an active court case, tampering with evidence, etc.

  6. For anyone who actually might be following this story…this might come as a huge shock after yesterdays follow-up…The missing dog has been found and you’ll probably come pretty close to guessing where he was.


  7. I’ve been able to bite my tongue on this at work and where ever the topic came up. I’ll post my opinion soon. See you this weekend!

  8. @Rick – Well, I am fairly sure I can get you to share your opinion on this when I see you this weekend. I won’t blog it – promise!

  9. There were ten people who have turned in paperwork to get her recalled. Two of them were thrown out. Now each person needs to gather 150 signatures of registered voters in order to get it put on the next ballot. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

  10. @Rick – what a spaz your mayor is. She supposedly took the dog to “rescue it” but she lets cats roam free and doesn’t even protect the dog – which could now be a flat piece of flesh on a slab of pavement somewhere.

    Impeach this negligent idiot!

  11. Living in a small town can be boring at times…but it takes one little ‘mishap’ to cause the whole town to start buzzing and to divide up on sides. I’ll keep my opinion to myself as I have here in Alice. But this little dog has been written about in the LA Times to the New York Post. And now we end up with this story today…. http://www.aliceechonews.com/articles/2008/01/14/local_news/news00.txt

  12. I have somthing to say.I would have done the same thing as the mayor.Hey, in othere states there is laws for dogs. If they were living in a state that had laws f they would have tooking all here dogs away and would have gotten charged with a fine.Thank god for people like the mayor.