Texas mayors to unveil ‘state bulb’ as part of green push

I have converted about 20% of my lights to CFL.  I need to do better.  But CFL also needs light bulbs in different form factors – like CFL bulbs that can replace the half dozen Halogen bulbs I have in lighting here (ceiling fans, floor laps, desk lamps, etc).

But I’m glad the San Antonio mayor is involved – he’s been a damn fine mayor.  Too bad San Antonio instituted term limits a number of years ago. 

Anyway, go change out a few bulbs.  Do one a month.  In a year you’ll be saving energy and the planet will be a little bit happier.

The mayors from five of Texas’ largest cities on Friday will call on Texans to switch to compact florescent lightbulbs to reduce energy use in the Lone Star state. The five mayors will officially introduce the "state bulb" of Texas from the front steps of San Antonio’s City Hall. San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger will join Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, Houston Mayor Bill White, Austin Mayor Will Wynn and El Paso Mayor John Cook in making the announcement. The Natural Resources Defense Council said earlier this year that Texas could net $50 billion in savings and other economic benefits during the next 15 years if it invested $11 billion in various energy strategies. Part of that effort includes switching to compact fluorescent lights.

Texas mayors to unveil ‘state bulb’ as part of green push – San Antonio Business Journal: