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Funny that Andrew and I both talk about old computers in the same day. 

I also had a Commodore 64.  I remember it well.  My first PC was the Commodore Colt (and I *really* remember that well – I ran a public dial up BBS off it for a few years).

Those were really cool times.  Times when if you ran into someone with a computer at all they were more likely to asked what setting you were using for QEMM than they were to ask, “I click on my Word icon and TextEdit launched instead – what’s wrong”?

Back then, none of us knew a hell of a lot about our PC’s.  Not as much as we do now.  But we knew how to work them, fix them, expand them and enjoy them.

Now most of the people I know with PCs are lost if they boot up and don’t see a Google home page.  They are irate if the PC doesn’t read their minds and do what they think they want it to do.  They are gasping for air if something fails after three years or if they must upgrade their Operating System every 5 years.  And their computer to match.

In the late 80’s / early 90’s I was upgrading my computer every few months.  I can’t explain how amazing it was to go from an 80286 16 MHz machine to an 80386SX 33 MHz machine.   It changed my life.  Literally.

Now people are blasting Vista because it won’t run on hardware built three years ago.  GOOD!  I am GLAD it won’t!  I don’t want an OS that was designed to run on three year old hardware,  In fact, if I am upgrading my OS I am certainly upgrading my hardware,  And I am not bitching about it.  I Like NEW.

Now Commodore emerges from the ashes – as some king of gaming PC.  Will I buy one?  No – not big into gaming, and when I am it is Tiger Woods 2007 on my XBOX360.

Although I continue to use my PCs as a source of amusement, I now use them primarily for work.  And some of my machines will stay on XP forever, because XP works on those machines (for what I need them to do).  If I need to upgrade either the computer or the OS, I’ll do both.  I want them to date people their own ages.


I recall watching Dune and playing on my Commodore Vic20 and then Commodore 64.  Wow!  What heady times.  Now the Commodore is returning with a new gaming PC. 

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