Textured walls only make sense if you have a headboard.



  1. *giggle* English was not my Mom’s first language either and she knew more than the lot of us put together. My Dad had a degree in English and she would regularly have contests where a word definition would come up, the dictionary would come out and guess who won? We kids would laugh & laugh when she would say to my Dad, “The Oracle has spoken”.

  2. @Rob, I thought it was something like that, but then you still had the logic backwards: you meant: “Headboards only make sense, if you have textured walls”.
    It’s the headboard that either makes sense or not. Not the textured wall.
    Textured walls never make sense. With or without a headboard. (as in that they would serve a purpose). A headboard, however, CAN make sense (as in, have a purpose) … as you undoubtly now agree.

  3. Silly me, I have always had headboards. I have *always* read in bed because of that I imagine.

  4. @Deannie – either you have always had a headboard, or you have never read in bed. 🙂

    @Paul – Yes, if you read in bed, without a headboard, and have textured walls you should not forget the fact that you are reading in bed, without a headboard, and that you have textured walls!

    I gave myself road rash last night by “scootching down” as I was reading – but I neglected to take the pressure off of my back. Ouch!

  5. I was about to write that I was with Deannie on this one, when I thought: What IS the opposite?
    Textured walls DON’T make sense if you have a headboard?
    Textured walls only make sens if you don’t have a headboard?
    Having a headboard only makes sense if you have textured walls?
    Having a headboard doen’t make sense when you don’t have textured walls?

    So, I’m not so sure anymore.

    I do think, though, that headboards DO make sense, when you don’t have walls.
    ANY walls.

    Especially if you, like me, like reading in bed.

  6. ???

    See, I would have thought it would be the exact opposite