Thankful doesn’t begin to capture my feelings.

I’m thankful that my parents loved to read – and shared that passion with me.  Almost everything I know I learned through reading.

I couldn’t be happier with who my kids are growing up to be, the friends they’ve chosen, or the decisions I’ve made in regards to them along the way.  I could have really screwed it up.  I think I haven’t.

I’m glad my ex is close, and in our children’s life almost daily.  She was always a good mother, and continues to be.

I’m grateful that I’ve been able to help a few people this year – I hope I can do more next year.

I’m thankful that we encrypted the database three months ago (sorry – insider non-joke!)

I am fortunate to have friends that like me even if my house is messy.  My priorities aren’t always easy to understand.

I am really, really happy about all the friends I have made over the last year.  I’ve met some really smart people.  I love knowing smart people.  But these people aren’t just smart – they are caring, and interesting, and inviting.

I’m pleased to have met Faisal – he is on some ice slope in Europe right now, sliding down at an obscene rate of speed.  He’s not afraid of steep and slippery slopes.  He’s been a wonderful business partner.

My life is better because I have a dog that loves me.  He knows when I need attention and when I want to be left alone.  He honors both requests without complaint.

But mostly I am thankful for the friends I have had, and kept, for so very long.  They know who they are.

My most heartfelt thanks goes out to our men and women in uniform.  I’ve eaten turkey in the dirt, and while it was much appreciated at the time, I am sure I will enjoy tomorrow’s meal much more.  Thanks to each of you for what you are accomplishing, and what you are giving up this Thanksgiving.  I personally appreciate your service.


  1. Thanks Rob.
    Here’s a small poem I wrote when I was fighting sleep some time ago:
    Rob, Rob Rob
    Rob Rob, Rob

    P.S. Can we have the good’ol textarea comment box back?
    P.P.S: Perhaps, Thanksgiving is the only holiday I’m sad we don’t celebrate ’round here.
    P.P.P.S: I’ll cook up a new poem, with better sounding words, soon.