The American Form of Government

No embed for this, so I got to send you over here.  Worth the ten minutes.


  1. Felipe says:

    I saw this video in (morons), one of them said “if a republic is the rule of law as opposed to the rule of the mob, then who makes the laws?”…. I think thats a misconception, the republic’s constitution is the higher law of the country that guaranties respect for the property and rights of all their citizens and according to that principles all the other laws are created by representatives elected by the people who also must respect and honor the constitution.

    Although it focuses on the political issues rather than economic differences of totalitarian governments it is undeniable that all of them opposed political and economic freedom.

  2. america ??????

  3. And here I told my friend it was 20 minutes! Well, he probably needed to watch it twice anyway. Sorry you were feeling so cynical yourself, Paul, but then I don’t know you from Adam. It’s easy to feel exasperated on a Thursday. Wasn’t it a pretty good presentation for those who’ve been subjected only to new and maligned meanings for established terms and ideas?

  4. @Paul:

    I think I listened to the whole thing. I was being a bit cynical. I did like the format.


  5. Paul Claessen says:

    Worth the 10 minutes?

    There are THREE possibilities here:

    1. You haven’t really carefully listened to the whole thing.
    2. You were being cynical.
    3. I don’t even want to contemplate #3!

    This is incredibly naive, infantile, moronic, ignorant drivel. And SO incredibly wrong at SO many different levels, I’m just …. *exhales*

    Until proven wrong, I will go with ad #2.