The Best and Worst Things About Google’s Shared Stuff

I have a Shared Stuff feed here.  It has it’s own RSS feed here.

Be warned though – this is generally stuff I see that makes me laugh, makes me think, makes me mad, etc.  It is NOT generally politically correct, it will contain things of an adult nature, and I promise you probably won’t learn much by following the feed.

I actually like the Shared Stuff service because if I share a picture, you get the picture, and not just a link.  And it takes seconds to share something.

It is pretty raw at this point, but it is definitely useable.


Google hunters ferreted out a new feature late last night called Google Shared Stuff. The project is obviously far from ready to ship – but it’s too late to squabble about that now! I’ve got high hopes for social bookmarking in general but this particular project may not be worth your time to check out just yet. To save you the time I’ve kicked the tires and offer below some of the best and worst things about Google Shared Items so far. In the end I’ve got some thoughts about what Google could do with this service to make it the best social bookmarking service available.

The Best and Worst Things About Google’s Shared Stuff


  1. @Ike – I am using it in Flock – and it’s worked on about 80% of the websites I have tried. It didn’t work for me on Flock with YouTube though.

    But, this is a “sneak preview” – Google didn’t intend on this getting out to a widespread audience yet – so I imagine they improve it drastically over the next few months (I remember the first time I “used” Google Reader and thought, “WTF are you thinking here”? Now I live in Google Reader.


  2. Wow. I think the Worst thing about Google Shared Stuff is that the bookmarklet doesn’t work in Firefox, and there’s no other way to manually enter links.

    I tried it in Opera, and it works there.