The Bishop on the wrong path

Today our San Antonio Archbishop was located – almost a day after taking off on the wrong path.  The elderly bishop was found driving the wrong way down Interstate I-10 near Ozona.  Early reports indicate he was confused.

I met Archbishop Flores on two occasions and have a lot of respect for what the man has accomplished (first Catholic TV station in the US, hosted Pope John Paul II, survived being held hostage, and did some pretty good things for his economically strapped constituents.  He was forced into retirement by the mandatory 75 year age rule (why it applies to Arch-Bishops and not the Pope is unclear to me).

In any case, he is back, and safe.

Retired Archbishop Patrick Flores is back home safe.

News 4 was told the archbishop is feeling okay and has been resting most of the day after a very long night. The 78-year-old was missing more than 14 hours. He was found in Ozona, Texas, more than 200 miles west of San Antonio.

Update: Retired Archbishop Patrick Flores Back Home Safe | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News


  1. a. An archbishop doesn’t have constituents (in the American political sense). He’s not exactly a democratically elected official.

    b. Why is the Pope exempt from the 75 year rule? That’s because the Pope enjoys Papal infallibility. He is preserved from even the possibility of error. So there’s no reason to retire him. (If you find the Pope in the wrong direction on I10, then he has a divine reason for it … even if he appears unable to explain it to anyone).

    (Ok, true … his infallibility only concerns matters of dogmatic teaching on faith or morals. For the rest he can be as stupid as a door stop. But pratically he can be complete infallible, since he can declare every stupidity and every mistake he made a dogma. How did Popes become so infallible? Easier than you perhaps think: they declared themselves as such (first Vatican council in 1870). It’s the Papal form of the otherwise well known parental phrase heard in every family with one or more kids: "… because I say so!")