The Blogosphere is all A-Twitter Again!

Over this little mashup application – CAUTION – Highly Addictive!


It’s actually pretty interesting, but a definite time waster!


  1. I guess it is experienced differently by everyone. Me? I connected my laptop to my 57 inch TV and played Twittervision the whole time I was vaccuming and mopping the living room. It made the work amazingly quick, because the whole time I was working I was reading what other people were doing – people in Australia, Madrid, Kenya.

    I can’t imagine how this would look on a day like 9/11, or when the Tsunami hit Indonesia. Instant information produced and broadcast globally.


    This holds NO interest for me.

  3. Chris – I like Twittersphere! But of course, so goes a Google Search for it 🙂

    I’ve read about 40 posts on Twittervision today – unreal amount of traffic going there. They should really have some ads up!

  4. I don’t know about the blogosphere, but the Twittersphere sure is eating it up!

    (Twittersphere – you heard it here first)