The blogosphere’s smears, jeers and cheers of 2007

I’ve been pretty lucky over the last year – some really interesting people have stopped by here.  Most of them hit and run.  Ike has stuck around, and added to the fun.

I don’t really remember how Ike found my blog, or if I found his first.  Doesn’t really matter.  He’s been a welcome visitor here ever since we “met”.

I also read Ike’s blog, and enjoy it.  I guess I am not alone!

Well done, Ike.  You deserve the kudos for your sharp wit, if nothing else!

Ike writes a “PR” blog, but to me it is just a “common sense” blog.  The advice he gives applies to almost any line of work.  If you deal with people, you can learn something from Ike. 

Congrats, Ike!  And thanks for being a member of my community.


The best read overall… Occam’s RazR, by Red Cross communicator Ike Pigott, continues to be the most entertaining and relevant blog for those interested in corporate communications, the media and life in the center lane.

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  1. @Ike. Sorry it took so long to respond. But you are correct. I had a lot of blogs where I wrote about things I though people would be interested in. I quickly abandoned them. I didn’t like what I was writing, and I wasn’t having fun or connecting to people.

    Now I write whatever I feel like writing, and it interests me, if not a huge audience. But this style of writing has legs.

    The other did not.

    And yes – we MUST get a beer next time you are in town. Actually, considering how far you will have traveled, we must have beerS!

  2. Rob, I’m still rather befuddled. First, that people even read my blog. Second, that people beyond my intended narrow niche find it interesting. Third, that people would go out of their way to endorse it.

    I write for me — and I think that is our common link. You and I write for ourselves, and that enough is value. I believe it can be a great source of strength, not being beholden to link-bait tricks and shady ways to snatch attention.

    As flattering as the attention is, that article is one guy’s opinion — that I value just as much as I do the chance to swap stories, notions, and the occasional piece of deep thought with people like you.

    One at a time, my friend. Thanks.