The crew is cut

I said I was getting a crewcut a few weeks ago.  I had WAY too much help talking me into doing it. People suggested tools, methods, cut length, etc.

My barber warned me against it. He said my hair would look "more grayer" short.  He refused to do it.

Well, he was right about the "more grayer" part. But there isn’t a lot of it left to look gray!

Anyway, I took the first swipe, then called my daughter in to finish.  She was freaked out at first, but quickly took some sordid pleasure it chopping all my hair off.

Just as we finished my son and his girl friend walked into the house – me damn near bald, with a my hands full of hair.

Yes, my kids friends believe I am crazy. Fine.  My daughter is almost 17 – I want all the boys in her life to think I am crazy!

Anyway, it is done.  And it was sooooo easy!

And so what if I wear a hat for a month?


  1. You know what? Just having hair is a good thing! I am confident it looks great, just different from what you were accustomed.

  2. @Tim – I’ll get a picture up.
    @Paul – cool.  Silver 🙂

  3. Repeat after me: silver. Silver!
    It’s SILVER, not gray.
    Remember that.

  4. We need a picture…..