The Crossword

I see people are playing the Crossword – cool.  I hope you like it.  I do have one hard question in there – about The type of pet pictured in “Treasures from the Past” –  you actually have to find the post, click the picture, and read the caption.  But the answer is there 🙂



  1. There’s alot of things you resemble Rob, but we won’t go there!

  2. “off the wall”? I resemble that remark!

  3. The drug was pretty easy…As long as you kept up with the off-the-wall posts that Rob rants and raves on.

  4. The waiter one ends up being pretty easy with a generic google search for “Waiter New York Blog”. The drug one is hard though. I may have to change that one.


  5. Yeah – I can see where Google doesn’t give good results for those. Try Searching “doses” for the drug and “Outside Looking In” for the waiter.

    I may have to re-thing those questions.


  6. That one was easy… I’m stumped by the drug that gives you odd side effects and a New York waiter’s blog title.