The difference between a leader and a boss

I had a conversation with a friend today – one that is also doing some work for my main client. 

We were talking about the CEO, and I told my friend, “He doesn’t hire people so he can tell them what to do – he hires people to tell him what he should do”.

That’s a Leader. 

Boss’s think they know the answers to everything – that they are “the smartest guys in the room”. 

Leaders know how to surround themselves with smart people – and they listen to them.


  1. @Kaylyn – in my experience, businesses can suffer a lot of bosses if they have a few good Leaders. Sounds like you have a bit of both!

  2. By your definition; which I think is spot on, our COO is a Boss. He spent 30 minutes yesterday in our Dept staff meeting telling us how important our dept was to the company (mind you he was describing work we DON’T do), then another telling us how much harder his job is than ours. Ugh!

    At least, my Director is a Leader. That makes the work worth it.