The Difference Between Knowing the Name of Something and Knowing Something

I meet a lot of people online and off that profess to “know” social media, and/or how to serve customers.  They often describe themselves as “gurus” or “mavens”.  “Experts”, or “teachers”.

It is amazing to me how seldom many of these people actually practice what they preach. I recently talked to a guy that wrote a book on caring for customers, but beyond the people that buy his book – he has no customers.  And he hasn’t talked to a customer in 15 years, he admitted.

To me he is someone that knows the name of something, but he doesn’t “know something” – he writes about customer service as a “theory”.  Sorry, you cannot know that which you do not practice.

This video kind of makes my point.

Instead of pretending to be an expert in customer service, I hone my skills almost daily – by actually talking to customers.  I’ll never write a book about it, because I will never be done learning about it.  And I’ll never be arrogant enough to think I am a “guru”.

I just care enough to learn more about it than just the name.  And I am open enough to let the real teachers teach me every day – my customers.

And sorry, dude.  I won’t be buying your book.


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