The Gift of Hearing

A very close friend of mine finally got hearing aids today.  He’s an Army Veteran, and he waited a while (but not too long – not complaining, and neither was he).  He spent a number of years with an artillery platoon in South Korea, spent time in Kuwait during the war, and has been in medicine for 25+ years.  He has thick skin.

But he stopped by today and was unbelievably happy.  He said he could hear birds, for the first time in years, and he not only heard sirens on the way to my house, but he could tell where they were coming from.

I couldn’t have been any happier for him.  Thick skin and all he admitted to breaking into tears in the Doctors office when they first put the hearing aids in.  He had been mostly deaf long enough that he really forgot what it was like to hear.

While he was here he asked to play a game of Tiger Woods 2007 on the XBOX 360.  As I fired the game up and it played it’s opening theme music, this friend actually asked me to turn the volume down – which is amazing considering I normally have to crank the surround sound up for him to hear anything.

So today is a good day.  A friend found a better life – and that makes me happy.