The Glass is Half Hopeful

In regards to my previous post where my daughter says I am the most sarcastic person in the whole world” – I am, kind of.

Don’t get me wrong – my glass isn’t half empty.  I’m optimistic about almost everything – but I also know that I rarely have a glass that’s half full.  To me life is about a glass half hopeful.  I constantly try to see the best in people, and companies (unless I am reviewing their Privacy Policies!). 

I honestly believe most people are out to do good.  Sometimes they get confused, or lawyers confuse them.  Sometimes they get too big, and lose touch with customers.  Sometimes they forget who they are, and even worse who their customers are. 

My glass is half hopeful because in almost every instance where I have run into people/companies that forget what they are about – a simple reminder gets them re-thinking.  And generally they realize they’ve been asses.

So my glass is always half hopeful because people rarely let me down.  People generally are good and decent.  They especially are if you remind them that you expect nothing less of them.


  1. I am just glad I was SITTING for this news flash…heh, I am right there with you buddy, so I consider myself in good company! 😉