The Internet causes Global "shrinkage"

I’ve just completed my second year of consulting. Working on my own – eating if I work well, not eating if I don’t perform. I could not have imagined a better year.

I’ve met so many people over the last year – really good people. Not “just Internet friends” – but people that think like I do, hope like I do, work like I do.  It is really remarkable.

I met Kami Huyse by ranting about Time Warner Cable (then her client). What came of that relationship – built off of my extreme frustration and Kami’s honest desire to ease my pain? Well, Kami called me.  Within hours of my initial TWC rant. I didn’t stop bitching about TWC because she called me – perhaps if I would have she would never have respected me enough for us to become friends.  But she DID promise that TWC heard me.  And that meant a lot.  Over time my TWC experience has improved – quite a bit.  Because Kami called me?  Probably not – at least not directly.  But because TWC heard me – perhaps.  When the cable modem goes out I am actually surprised, instead of just infuriated.  It HAS improved.

TWC has a long way to go to get my “service provider of the year” award – but they have consistently improved over the last year – and they keep me in the conversation.  That is critical to turning me from a critic to an evangelist.  TWC has some work to do before I evangelize for them (NFL CHANNEL!!!) – but I at least have a feeling that me – my little account – is actually important to them. And I never even pay them on time.  I am horrible with bills – that’s why most are paid automatically. But if I forget then TWC calls me, and they are nice and tell me they understand, and they don’t charge me late fees, and they don’t make me feel guilty and they take a debit card over the phone without charging me anything for it.  Will your phone company be that nice? And not charge fees? Mine will. TWC.

And because I met Kami I got to go to Media Day for the opening of a new Roller Coaster at Sea World, San Antonio before the general public saw it.  VERY cool.  And because I blogged about that day Geoff Livingston wrote a bit about my blog and Kami’s Social Media skills in his new book (available for pre-order now).  Geoff sent me an autographed copy that I couldn’t be more thrilled with – thanks Geoff!

And even though Kami didn’t make me aware of who Shel Israel was, my relationship with Shel was certainly enhanced through knowing Kami.

And this week I met Shel in Austin and had a great time. He’s a genuine good guy, and I am glad I met him.

I’ve also been interviewed by some newspapers, both local and national, been interviewed for a couple other books and formed some business relationships just because I blogged.  If I didn’t blog I would never have met Faisal.  It would have been my loss.

I’ve had a lot of A-List blogger’s stop by here, if even for a moment.  In some form or another I joined a conversation they thought was important.

And that’s why the world is suffering from “shrinkage”.

It’s far too easy to share your thoughts, connect with like-minded people, find communities you “fit in”. It is truly a remarkable time.  As I posted in a very short post earlier this week –

I love this huge little world we live in.

And in some fashion or another, it’s all because Time Warner Cable pissed me off.  Thanks, TWC!


  1. @Geoff – when I was a mid-level manager the one thing I wanted more than anything (more than title or salary) was a voice. I wanted my company to hear me, and I wanted to know that they at least heard what I said.

    The Internet, and blogging especially, allows everyone to have a voice. And if they carefully choose how they use it, it can grow into global conversations with people you never could have otherwise known. Even if they did live in the same city.

    Finished the book this morning – a good read. I’ll be handing some copies out to people in the future, I am sure.

    Now what’s this about a second book? Subject? 😆

  2. Congrats on two years! Guess Shel was right about the Global Conversation. It’s nice to be a small business and feel enabled to compete.

    Thanks for the shout out, Rob, and I’m glad you liked the book.

  3. @Kami – yes. Ike, and Scoble (both of the adult ones – I love Maryam to death!). And so many others.

    I’ve spent two years writing about whatever I felt about writing about. Things that make me happy, piss me off, amaze me, interest me, infuriate me – and along the way I have met more friends than I could mention.

    I live in the global world – I talk with people from numerous countries every day – and they all seem so close to me. Many of them I will never meet, yet many of them I consider friends. I was just lucky that you were located in the same city as me!

  4. Oh, and you forgot Ike, he will feel snubbed LOL

  5. @Kami – I would LOVE to get paid to do nothing but tell the truth! Thanks. Can’t wait to see you on Thursday. It’s been a while!

  6. Wow, I should hire you.


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