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Jason makes a great argument against the “A-List Consipiracy Theory”.  It’s pretty clear by looking at my own little “C-List” blog that the most popular posts I have written are those based on original content.  Either my own experiences with Vista, or my personal life experiences.

My “me too” posts (like this one) never get any visibility because a) it’s not original, b) someone better read has already written it. 

I don’t get the blog whining.  People don’t read “A-List” blogs because they are NOT interesting, do they?  Could it be that the “A-List” blogs truly are more interesting?  I sure think so – I would hate to think that people were Lemmings to that degree – that they would go back again and again, day after day.  No, I think it’s probably because people like Ze Frank were innovative, interesting and entertaining.  THAT is why he was/is an “A-Lister”.

And the same is true for the rest of the “A-List”, as far as I can tell.


a) show up
b) have something intelligent to say
c) join the discussion and contribute something meaningful.
Now, if you have nothing to contribute, you suck as a writer, and you don’t want to show up every day for a couple of years to establish yourself, well, I can’t help you.

Source: The Jason Calacanis Weblog