The Kaylyn Post

I have a good number of (it fluctuates) RSS readers, and depending on the day and what I’ve posted, either few or many direct viewers.

This is The Kaylyn Post because she just found me out of the blue today – and commented that she was interested enough to look around a little more.

And for a new blog, any new pair of eyes is meaningful – and any pair of eyes that is also willing to get involved by commenting is more than welcome.

So welcome to the blog Kaylyn – I hope you find enough here to keep you interested in reading often. I know I bounce around a lot. Too much, probably. But I like to write about what interests me on any given day – and that changes on any given day.

And to all of my other readers – again, thanks for putting up with the rants, the poor spelling, the dirty language (not often, but sometimes) and the total lack of any real focus to this blog.