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It’s been quite some time since I posted on TLL – for a variety of reasons.

I was asked to come back to the major retail chains after the first of the year – they thought it was to late in the current school year to kick off a project like this (and to be honest, I think they wanted some time to digest and perhaps budget funding).  So I agreed to wait until January before I press them again.

But today I received an email out of the blue from one of these very companies asking me what the status of the project is.  It appears they watch my blog, and were concerned that my lack of posting was the same as lack of interest.  I replied as best I could discussing timing issues, alignment with the launch of next fall’s school season, etc.

And that’s when I realized that it could just be that they are nearing the end of their fiscal year and have some money left over in their charitable funds that they hadn’t allocated yet – and just like the government, if they don’t use it, they lose it.  So I have only a few weeks to put together a proposal for funding (at least for this one company).  Assuming I can put something respectable together I’ll forward it to all of the potential benefactors – just in case they also have some extra charitable money in their accounts.

So I’ll be spending some time on this in the next weeks – at least enough to make a reasonable presentation.  But my end-goal is still to have something final in their hands by the end of Feb (when they make their decision on charitable contributions for the remainder of the year).

I have not ignored or given up on this project – I was just waiting for the right timing – and it appears it may be closer to now than I planned for.  So I’ll get busy.


  1. Yes… I picked the name… and I knew it had a fairly built up slot on Google.  Oratos (which, regardless of what some of those links say is not a real word) was actually derived by us from the term Orator.  We fooled around a bit and got which was available and ran with it.  Unfortunately, the ESA had already named their orbiter that, but we figured that it’d be easy to overtake that in terms of Google results, so we registered anyway.

    Cool.  I’ll let you know.  Curious – how did you pick the name Oratos?  There are many Google links to it – from some European Space Station component (I think) to something arts related (I didn’t dig deep, as you an tell).  I do like the name though!


  3. Let me know when you need a design and I’ll get to work.  I’m busy launching a blog network until the end of the week but after that I’ll be totally free.