The Learning Locker – Teacher Surveys

I sent out 61 teacher surveys, and 53 were returned.  This is actually a very good return rate.


Here’s what the responses show (and I am no math wiz – I may be off a percentage point here or there – I wasn’t trying to be perfect):


82% of those polled say they probably would not use an online service, and 14% said they would probably not use a local “store”.

Of those 82% that would not use online, 94% of them thought they would probably use a store often.

96% of respondents said that whether they would use it or not, they would be pleased seeing something like this for teachers – that they would appreciate the recognition, even if they never used the service.

The average estimate of how much dollar value in supplies each teacher thought they would use (of those responding they would use either and online or a local store) shows that there is some demand for about $142/month PER TEACHER in supplies that are currently not being covered by their school districts, or your tax dollars.  There are THOUSANDS of teachers in San Antonio area schools alone (I have requested from each district exact figures, but the government gears grind slowly).  Potentially we are looking at a mega-million dollar shortfall, just in the San Antonio area.

This project is getting larger and larger in scope!

98+ percent of teachers said, (basically) “Thanks for trying”.  About 2% thought I was wasting my (and their) time.

None of the teachers were opposed to the idea, and several had recommendations that I have written down, and will take into account as things progress – some of those ideas have already been shared with me by some of you.

This is all part of building the background data needed to present a case to any potential benefactors.  They will want numbers, projections, etc.

This is NOT the type of thing I like doing, since it seems very slow, and not proactive at all – but if I want any hope at succeeding in this I need all of my ducks aligned.

Hopefully tomorrow I can give you a somewhat similar breakdown of the responses I have received so far from the business I hope will fund this venture – they are generally positive, but still very non-committal at this point.  They need more data, and I understand that.

That’s it for now,