The Learning Locker – update #2

I really appreciate all of the visitors that have come here from Scoble’s blog and from Mark Cuban’s blog. None of you knew what to expect, few of you commented, but I do appreciate you stopping by.

I really appreciate a telephone call I got tonight that I can’t share the details of yet. There are prerequisites I have to meet in order to receive a potential gift.

One of these things is writing a business plan. So here’s my “Big Idea”. I am going to set up a WiKi, and I am going to ask (beg) all of you to help me write a business plan for a non-profit franchise business that plans on never making a dime!

Interested? Comment. Curious? Comment. Hate it? Comment?

I’ll set the WiKi up tomorrow and link to it here. Comment! 🙂

Seriously – it is rather difficult to cold call companies with an idea that is so new it doesn’t even exist beyond this blog – and then ask them for some type of financial support. ESPECIALLY when you are combining so many new technologies into something as traditional as a non-profit.

  1. I want to franchise it.
  2. I want to create a WiKi where the community writes the business plan.

These are only two “new” ideas (as far as traditional non-profits go) – and I don’t think anyone has asked the community to write a business plan with them, non-profit or not.

I am thinking of a somewhat unconventional non profit, and I need your encouragement to make it happen. I am not asking for your money – just keep prodding me. Make me do this. Don’t let me quit.


  1. I wonder how interested PTO groups would be get involved in The Learning Locker? Maybe this could become a working platform for them …

    Wish I knew more about money so I am no help with a business plan. Guess I will just pull out my prod …. 😉