The Learning Locker Update

I spent the day walking uphill, on a treadmill, into a headwind.  That’s what it felt like anyway.  It is difficult to get people to understand exactly what I am proposing – so I’ll work on putting together a written presentation in the next few days.  I really need help with the business plan though 0- so any of you that have experience in writing business plans (especially for a non-profit) please feel free to help – the Business plan WiKi is located here, and it’s really easy to go and spend 5 minutes or five hours updating it.  There is not much of anything there yet – I’ve been spending my time doing what I think I am better at – talking to people :).  I know the business plan is important, so I’ll devote some time to it as soon as I can – but I could really use help!

Speaking of help – are any of you graphic designers and want to take a stab at a logo and/or banner for The Learning Locker?  As soon as I find a host for the web site I’ll go live, and your logo could be the first thing people see – and hopefully associate it with The Learning Locker for years to come!

Yes, I know I’ll need a web design at some point – one thing at a time.  Initially it will be a WordPress blog – I’ll move it to something else later if I need to.  IF someone is a WordPress Template guru, and wants to work with the logo designer to build something, of course that would be helpful!

And finally, to answer a couple of questions I got via email:

  • I am a single parent with two High School age children.  They are great, and most of what I’ve done good in life has been because I met these kids.
  • I am not currently employed in any full-time (or even official) capacity.  I spent last year starting a couple of businesses that don’t need me to be involved – and they are too premature in their existence for me to be “working there” and sucking salary away from their attempts at success.  I do consulting, when I can find the work – mostly for Social Networking related issues, etc. 
  • Why am I doing this?  Because my children (hard to call them that at this point – they are young adults) have benefited from the love, devotion, and attention of some really remarkable people that I think are undervalued in our society.  I don’t have the money to come up with a grant program, or reward program for teachers.  But I know how to get people involved – at least I’ve been successful in the past.  This is worth trying, and I have some free time that I would otherwise be wasting.

Finally, I appreciate the emails – I really do.  I get a ton of email though, and sometimes your emails end up in my junk folder – and that takes even longer for me to respond to.  I would appreciate if you left your questions or comments on this blog (until the main site comes up).  Others will benefit from reading what you have to say, I have only one place to respond to The Learning Locker issues, and hopefully others are motivated by the momentum and will also get involved – even if that involvement is writing a comment!

Thanks again for visiting, and for any support – even if it’s just thinking, “Yeah – good luck with that” 🙂




  1. Chris – thanks. I’ll be honest – I followed your trackback and web your post about what we are trying to do here – and the fact that you assist non-profits pro-bono — so I was really hoping you would volunteer :).

    I just installed Ubuntu on a test machine – so far I like it!

    Everyone else, please look at Chris’s site. He has parents that we can help, even if just a little. We can’t pay them enough, but maybe we can let them know we appreciate them!

  2. Hello, graphic designer at your service. I’m in the end of an Ubuntu transition so that’s a bit time consuming but once I finish that up I’ll work on coming up with a logo.

    I really wish I could help you with the business plan part but unfortunately that’s not my cup of tea. I’ve been trying to get my own biz off the ground for awhile now but I can’t quite get my head around everything involved. Maybe in the future….