The meat thermometer killed the garbage disposal (or, "Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the candlestick")


I love owning my own home – REALLY – I do!

Until things break – especially when they break “odd” – like this picture. Yes, that a GTD (getting things done) AND a DIY (Do it Yourself) patch job – on my garbage disposal.

I’ll buy a new one tomorrow, but for tonight wire straps, a rubber faucet gasket, and a large screw are all that are holding things together here!

It happened like this – kids didn’t do dishes last night (they were too much in a hurry to play Halo 3). So as soon as they got home I had them in the kitchen. My daughter turns on the garbage disposal and I hear tons of grinding – but only for a few seconds before she shuts it off.

But a meat thermometer was in the disposal – and it pierced the side of the garbage disposal – yes, the big heavy metal thing! It made a hole almost the same diameter as a pencil.

We couldn’t run the water (or the dishwasher) with the hole, so I set out to fix it. Wire ties are actually holding a large screw and washer in place – but at least for now it is holding – even against the pressure of the dishwasher.

When you own a home you better be able to make at least temporary ugly repairs – or service people will nickel and dime you into the projects.

So while I am not proud of the way this patch looks, it does work. At least for tonight.

Tomorrow I will be at Lowe’s. That’ll be expensive. No – not because of the garbage disposal – but for all the other crap I’ll end up buying that I don’t really need!

(and yes, this is a very old disposal – I have no clue how old – but old.


  1. @Tad – Ah yes – Duct Tape – “The Adhesive of the Gods”. I didn’t think of it 😉

  2. Duct Tape?

  3. I just had an idea that I bet would have worked better and taken less time – I could have put the washer on a golf tee and then hammered that into the hole. That probably would have held fine.

    But so far this ugly patch has made it through a load of dishes, so I won’t complain! 🙂