The Mission Drive-In re-opened today

UPDATE – 22OCT07 – The City of San Antonio has purchased the drive in and it will never reopen.  Bummer.

The Mission Drive-In (opened in March, 1948) is a unique place to many of us in San Antonio. It seems as if it has existed for as long as the Alamo – and we almost lost the Drive-in forever.

The Mission Drive-In is one of only three drive-in theaters left in all of Texas. If you’ve never seen a movie at a drive-in, and you have the chance – try it. It’s an amazing way to watch a movie.

I’ve been to the Mission Drive-in three or four times – and enjoyed it every time.

It may not stay open much longer, but somehow I am glad it was open tonight. I hear they sold out with over 1,000 cars showing up (only two of the four screens were active). At “Five dollars a car load” I hope they made enough to seriously consider keeping the Mission Drive-In open for a long time.

There’s about to be some new life at a piece of San Antonio history. The Mission Drive-In Theater will re-open on Friday night with two double features.
Earlier this year, vandals damaged the drive-in and it nearly shut down for good in March.
“The outpour from the community shows that they really want, so we’re going to give it a shot and bring the drive-in back for at least a month,” said Richard Cieplechowicz from Santikos.
That’s right; the drive-in will stay open for a month on a trial basis, so Santikos can see what type of turnout they get. They’ll then make a decision about whether the theater will stay open.

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