The morning comes faster…

When you spend the evening with Scoble.  We had a blast last night (too much fun?) and have a long day planned today.

I’ll post more about the entire experience later – but let me just say for now that we didn’t just have fun – we met some great tech people, I found a new developer for one of my projects, I found a new home for a bunch of overseas blogger’s that I have been hosting on my private server, I made a dozen new friends, and the real “event” hasn’t even started.  I haven’t named this event (which I hope becomes an annual one), but I am thinking of stealing a tagline from Rackspace and call it simply “Tech Town”.

You can hear more about Tech Town when Robert gets his videos of Rackspace online.

Today Scoble meets up with a half dozen local tech companies – all in one room, all with interesting stories.  I’ll let Robert tell the stories, through his videos, but I’ll give you my own perspective on the experience tomorrow.


  1. deannie says:

    Robert is a blast…so glad you finally met face to face.