"The most affordable city in our study, San Antonio offers solid marks in many categories"

San Antonio earns mid-list grade in sustainability survey

The criteria used to determine sustainability included examining a city’s commitment to public health, its emphasis on creating a strong local economy, and citizens and city officials working together to make positive, thoughtful choices for the long-term benefit of the city and its residents.

Here’s the link to the actual study: SustainLane

There is a lot of good news here for San Antonio, and some negatives we are all pretty familiar with – we need another source of water, we don’t use public transit enough, we don’t have “green” offices, etc.  But there are some great quotes about San Antonio in this study as well:

  • “No other state exports as much as Texas” (I didn’t realize that!)
  • “San Antonio gets a good mark for traffic congestion within the city, ranking #15” – (Believe me, after living in San Diego, San Francisco, Honolulu, etc – I KNOW we have a great local freeway system!)
  • “The median home price is $88,000 and the median monthly rent for apartments is $550, both well below the national average.” – (Please don’t tell anyone else about this, or it’ll just ruin it for the rest of us!)

I just like living here, but it’s nice to see it get a fairly decent ranking in this study.