The Mystical, Magical Number 7

Numerology is real.  I can prove it! Too many coincedences to ignore here!

  1. I was born on 07/07/1961.  I would like to say it was at 07:07 AM, but I’m not sure (but it COULD be!). 
  2. On 07/07/07 I will be 16801 days old.  Add the 1 and six and you get seven.  Subtract the second 1 from 8 and you get 7.  The zero doesn’t matter.  07/07.  Wow!
  3. Each of my children were once 7.  *I* was once seven (so were YOU!)!  Coincidence?
  4. There are only six beers in a “six pack”.  But there are SEVEN letters in “six pack”!
  5. Both Kennedy and Lincoln had seven letters in their last names.
  6. How many “Wonders of the world” are there?  Seven.  Not six, not eight.  Seven.
  7. July is the seventh month.  It had four letters in it.  But the abrreviation for July is JUL!  Add together the letters in JULY and JUL – spooky!
  8. If you add 7+7+7 OR multiple seven times 3 (for 07/07/07) you get THE SAME ANSWER!  Odd!
  9. My Driver’s License expires on – you guessed it – 07/07/07!
  10. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are getting married on 07/07/07.

So it’s evident now that numerology is real.  What else could explain the unexplainable facts above?

(Yes, this was provoked by a most annoying conversation I had earlier today)


  1. vinnie says:

    your dumb. that isn’t why the number 7 is lucky. the reason the number 7 is lucky cause i was born on the seventh. just playing. there are seven deadly sins, seven wonders of the world, it is a highly symbolic number, when a person is asked to pick a number 0-10 they usually pick 7 because it appears to be driven by people’s idea of the properties a random number should have. maybe that is why people say the number seven is lucky. 😮

  2. @Paul: Well, the Linux Zealots will do that as soon as news of Windows codename Seven hit the street in more volume… 😀

  3. I suggest we drop 6, and make 7 the number of the Beast!

  4. And you forgot that my Dad’s birthday this year is 07/07/07. And maybe people can remember only 7 items at most at a time. And that the 7th version of VB was VB.NET.

    Nevermind that about 2 million people share my Dad’s birthday…

    I have a father who believes in Numerology, Astrology, Alternative Medicine, and if he thought about it he’d probably believe in the Moon Hoax as well. Sigh….