The perfect Christmas gift for that smart-ass on your list

I’ve actually ordered one of these for someone that thinks they are all-knowing about well, basically everything.  I wonder if they’ll actually use this?






Link to DVD Rewinder [dvdrew01] – $16.49 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce


  1. “Paul – I bought it for you!”

    Oh thank you THANK you *claps hands*

    I was getting SOOOO tired of always having to manually rewind my DVD’s!

  2. Paul – I bought it for you! Just kidding – no, I don’t know people like that – but I do know a person like that (notice I didn’t claim them to be a friend of mine!)


  3. “for someone that thinks they are all-knowing about well, basically everything”

    You actually KNOW people like that?