The picture speaks for itself…


  1. Well, I found it un-captioned, and didn’t consider it a "dangerous image" then, not do I now.  In fact, I find it to be an interesting experiment now in seeing what people think WITHOUT being led to think one thing or another.

    You thought "Racial Stereotype".  I thought, "damn, that’s an odd coincidence, and funny!"

    I just did a search and found this Digg page.

    There are people there with your opinion of the picture, and people sharing my opinion.  I guess some people are just more predisposed to assume racism than others.

  2. Yes, I can see the funny side of the image. But all you say is ‘The picture speaks for itself….’
    There is no context. I don’t know where this image came from, or when. I can only read the image. One crude drawing of stereotypical black man labelled ‘Rapist Search’. One black man sitting in front looking nervous, or something. So what’s the intended message? You specifically leave it to the viewer to interpret, so the viewer does. Personally, my reading was: that you are asking, is the man in front a rapist like the man behind, well, what the heck, they all look the same to me, ho, ho. It looked to me like the sort of thing that race hate organisations pass around.
    OK, so now you say, no way, what I’m saying is, what a funny image, the guy looks freaked.
    This is a dangerous image to leave uncaptioned.

  3. I was immediately struck by the similarities in the image and started to comment on that till I read Mr. Pope’s comment. As a person married to an African-American, I can attest to the fact that typically remarks of this nature are simply ignored as are the speakers of them. It doesn’t promote healthy conversation or constructive action. My initial comment was along the lines of the discomfort the newscaster may have been experiencing during that piece and how I really felt for him. I have been misidentified in the past and is a mighty scary place to be for those few moments till it is cleared up.We really do live in a highly screwed up world.

  4. @Ivan .. ????? What a warped way of making inferences!How does showing a picture of a person of obvious African descent make one a racist?How does depicting two people relate to ALL black men?If there’s ANYTHING racist about this post, then it’s your way of thinking.Rob just showed us the remarkable (and undoubtly incidental) resemblance of the two people, which, in this context, is, to MOST people, rather "funny". Race, color, sex or religion have nothing to do with it.It’s too bad that when you show people a simple ink blot, a lot of people suspend factual and critical thinking and start showing their inner fears and insecurities by accusing you of blasphemy, being sexist, racist, communist or whatever suits their particular brand of insecurity.

  5. Ugh…. no.  Those thoughts didn’t even enter my mind.  To be honest, I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that the man was black.  I looked at the spacing or the eyes, the hairline, and the facial hair and just thought that the sketch looks remarkably like the guy reporting on it.  You didn’t think so?

    Until people stop assuming everything is racially motivated, it will be racial – but I’m not the one who injected race into what I think is a remarkably funny coincidence of the sketch looking very much like the reporter – you did that, by assuming I had some racial motivation.

  6. And your point is? That all black men look the same? That all black men are rapists? That you’re a racist? Or did I miss something?