The Problem With People Like Me

I’m a fairly high-maintenance employee. I tend to surround myself with people like me – people that are always pushing me, and my company. And I am always pushing. I’m not interested in drones. I want people that cause us to think, and re-think everything we do. Luckily I am surrounded by people like me in a company that accepts people like me.

But people like me are a real pain in the ass.

We tend to want things to happen now, and get bitchy when they won’t happen until tomorrow.

We tend to demand more than even we can deliver – so we question ourselves a lot – even as we publicly state we don’t need a lot of internal “support”. The truth is that we do – we need to know that we are pushing the right directions, and that roadblocks will be removed from our paths quickly, and efficiently.  It takes a team, and a corporate commitment to make people like me effective.

I’m not sure how to even describe what high-maintenance people like me do – we just push, and keep pushing. And when we feel pain, we tend to push harder.  It is painful for everyone.

We aren’t trying to cause trouble – we are trying to do something new, we want to help – we just … well, we are demanding, and that means we are trouble 🙂

So if you run a company that has an employee like me, what do you do?

Most companies get rid of “troublemakers”.

Is that wise?

Why people cause “trouble” is the first question to ask.  Is it because they are disgruntled?  OK, get rid of them.  Is it because they are passionate and know you can do better, and should be doing better?  Hang on to them – encourage and empower them.

Why?  They love your business and are your best spokespeople.  Why would you marginalize them?

Businesses that will succeed over the next decade are those that realize everything is changing.  Everything.  Hell, it has already changed.

Embrace it, or run from it.  Do the latter your own peril.

I’m interested in people that push me, make me think differently, and challenge everything I thought I knew.

I’m interested in tomorrow, not yesterday.

Companies that get this will win.  Others will fade away, perhaps because they fire people like me.


  1. I sure am glad you put up with me. Funny how *I* don’t see you as high maintenance, just moving quickly 🙂

    • And to those of you that have told me this sounds arrogant – I’m sorry. It wasn’t intended that way. I think you just don’t know me well. Read more on this blog and you’ll find that I talk a lot about my faults.