The Scoble Baby – what’s in a name? Well, a good tease, of course!

I love my children dearly.  But I wouldn’t want another baby at my age.  YES – I am still capable, damn you!

But the Scoble’s just welcomed Milan into the world.  His entrance was witnessed by untold thousands via the Twitter streams that Robert was delivering.  I’m sure he has HD footage of the entire event being spooled to as I type this. 

I don’t know the Scoble’s personally, although I have spoken with them via email/IM/phone, etc.  And I am VERY happy for them.  There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you look at this small human being and realize that when you next wake up they will be in college – more interested in getting the car keys and a pocket full of spending money than anything remotely going on with your life.  But that’s the cycle of life – you raise them until you just get to tired to really care where they are going, who they are with, or why they need $50.  All you know is they’ll be gone for a few hours and you can catch a nap.

Shortly after the birth Robert posted some pictures of Milan on his Flickr feed.  I would link to it here, but the pictures contain naked baby parts (really!), and I don’t want a bunch of weirdoes suddenly hanging around here looking for nekked baby pictures. I like the weirdos I have hanging around here now just fine, thank you very much.

So what were we talking about, anyway?  Oh Milan.  The new Scoble brat.

The Scoble’s did a good job of picking a name.  I could only think of one 5 letter anagram for Milan, and I had to look it up to see what it meant.  Probably not playground teasing material!

Nothing nasty even rhymes well with Milan.  “Smilin’ Milan” doesn’t work because they pronounce it “mee-lan”.  I think they put hours of effort into this name thing – in fact, if you look back, Robert has spent a lot of time at places like Microsoft, Google, Intel, IBM, AMD, Sun, Stanford’s computer lab,etc, lately.  I think this is no coincidence.  I think the Scoble’s were using the most powerful computing platforms on the planet to pick the most “tease-proof” name they could find.

I think this is what Web 3.0 is all about – using all the tools at your disposal – all the computing power the planet has to offer – all to find that perfect “anti-tease” baby name. “Web 3.0” is all about baby-naming, and it just fucking figures the Scoble’s have to invent it.  Like they don’t talk to enough interesting people as it is!

But, I would be remiss if I did not invite everyone to come up with the best teasing names for the latest Scoble here and now – in the comment section.  Winner gets something I broke that I haven’t gotten around to throwing away yet.  (note – prize, if any, to be determined).

So let’s get it over with now – what’s the best tease line for baby Milan (mee-lan) William Scoble?


  1. Milky Milan?

  2. Milan sounds like a girls name. End of story.

  3. the name screams fag! Sorry but this this name is up their with the gayest of names.

  4. Milanesse says:

    “Hey shrimp, gimme ur money or I’ll leave ur face like a milanesse chicken”

  5. Lan me, Milan!

  6. Hey Rob, in case you didn’t see my post over at Scoble’s place, there is now an official website to chronicle the “Milan Scoble Effect”! Pass on the message.


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