The Seinfeld of Blogs

I honestly don’t know why people I don’t know subscribe to my blog.  As a friend told me at lunch today, the Seinfeld show was about nothing, and that’s basically what this blog is about.  Or, more accurately, this blog is about so many things that it might as well be about nothing.

This came up in a conversation while I was musing about stating a couple more blogs – one specifically for my consulting, one for my social networking thoughts, and finally moving this blog to nothing but my personal thoughts/rants, etc.

What do you think?  Is my blog to much of everything for it to be really interesting, or would you find it boring if I just focused on one thing here?

Personally, I am lazy, and would like to continue only managing one blog.  But I am open to adding more targeted blogs.  Today I captured the blog DigitalSocial at, with the intent to use it as my Social Networking blog. 

I’ll let you tell me.  More targeted blogs, or is the pseudo-random nature of this blog interesting to you?




  1. Just right IMHO.

  2. I saw your reply to one of Hugh MacLeod’s posts so
    had to check your blog : usually gathers
    some quite bright individuals from around the world – me not
    included 😉 – and I’m getting to be exposed to a lot of fresh
    and innovative persons , some of them even potential models for me.
    Until now, never been disappointed 🙂

  3. Me being the non-technical one in the family , I rarely read any blog about computers and etc and would lose interest very quickly. But seeing how most of your readers are techs, you should do what you feel your readers would like and what they’d respond to. I’d still check in now and then, but probably wouldn’t have too much too say. As for the current blog, I love coming home to see what wild topic my ‘not so’ big brother is rambling on about today.