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I have used MyBlogLog for months and have the Widget here on my site.  So it’s interesting to see Yahoo bought them.  I wonder what that means for the little guy (like me) 

Valleywag started a rumor in November that Yahoo had bought MyBlogLog – Yahoo then denied it and everybody backtracked. Another story popped up on MarketingShift early today, adding a $10 million price tag – that post was quickly pulled, suggesting that it was either incorrect or too early.

As it turns out, they were just a little too early, since Forbes has just confirmed Yahoo’s purchase of MyBlogLog, the Florida-based blog communities service, for $10 million. That price doesn’t come from Yahoo itself, but from “knowledgeable sources”, they say. Bradley Horowitz, VP of product strategy at Yahoo, said that MyBlogLog would remain a separate entity (much like their other social acquisitions) , but you’ll be able to register with your Yahoo ID. The MyBlogLog communities will also be integrated with Flickr and Yahoo Answers, although Forbes isn’t at all clear on what that means. MyBlogLog is currently on 45,000 blogs, according to founder Scott Rafer.

Source: The Social Networking Blog – Mashable!